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ndividuals are to be respected, the dignity of the workforce is to be maintained. Each working person is entitled to get an atmosphere free from gender discrimination, violence, and harassment at the “workplace”; The historic convention adopted by the International Labour Organisation “C190” in 2019 has been ratified and has come into force on 25 June 2021. It is the first international treaty addressing violence and harassment. The outbreak of the pandemic has forced us to reconsider this issue. It is a need of the hour. The rise in sexual harassment cases against women & vulnerable groups during this period speaks a lot.

Governments endorsing the conventions will be responsible for active measures to prevent abuse at work. The progressive and detailed legislation on the Prevention of sexual harassment at the Workplace, which is in force, would be further supported. The implementation of the Act that is marred even after eight years of the enactment of The Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act (2013) in India shall gain impetus if we do so.

It is now the responsibility of all of us viz. leaders, workers, and their organizations as the stakeholders to build a safe, dignified, and healthy workplace. Let us get involved take initiatives to construct a campaign to support the C190 convention. It is a historic opportunity to depict how we care for our workforce. Our prompt actions for the right cause shall make a difference, achieve our and International Labour Organization’s goal of implementing an abuse-free workplace for everyone in the world. May India and all the national governments around the world accept the C190 convention with vigor. 

Dr.Medha shetye

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