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Eliminate sexual harassment at the workplace with LexiPoSH.

LexiPoSH the specialty firm, offers you and your company a complete suite of compliance services for the law on Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace(PoSH). 

LexiPoSH specializes in decoding the complexities of the law, helps you navigate with clarity and confidence to achieve the mental wellbeing of your employees. LexiPoSH beliefs are reflected in its approach to build a safe and secure environment at workplace for each employee. Well-defined, simple to execute practices, are offered by LexiPoSH to keep the workspace free from sexual harassment. We work closely and systematically over time with the corporate team to assure a respectful environment that maintains the dignity of each employee and the corporate’s ethics.

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We assist all

All under the ambit of the PoSH Act (any entity employing ten or more employees) should avail of customized solutions by LexiPoSH. Our founder has successfully helped budding start-ups, Government departments, Body Corporates, Limited Liability Partnerships, Partnership firms, Sole proprietors, Educational Institutions, Financial Institutions, Sports Complexes, and NGOs.  Write in for a free consultation.

Why Choose Us?

LexiPoSH wants each employee at the workplace to be respected and the dignity of the workforce maintained. LexiPoSH is committed to providing efficient services that enhance confidence of your workforce, to speak against possible sexual harassment at the workplace.


The Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, Redressal) Act, 2013 directs-“ Every employer to provides a safe working environment at the workplace” It is also a moral responsibility of the employer to implement the spirit of the law and provide a secured place to work.

Benefits of engaging LexiPoSH

  • Monitored compliance with the law.
  • Simplify the legislation making it easy to implement.
  • Sensitize the workforce of the values of respect, the dignity of each individual thereby snowballing their efficacy at work and improving the productivity of your organization.
  • Assist the Internal Complaint Committee constituted under the Act with the expertise & knowledge of legal professional experienced in resolving women-related issues over a decade.
  • The personalized focused approach of our expert working exclusively on PoSH compliance.
  • Delivers the requirement of the client at a reasonable cost.
  • Works for the spirit of law & not just compliance.
  • Protects you from penalties.
  • Upheld the corporate ethics.
  • LexiPoSH assures delivery of all services discharged by our expert personally.

Engage us and make the right choice to avail of the holistic package of all required PoSH services.

What We're Offering

LexiPoSH implements best practices to protect corporate ethics empowers the employees and keeps them informed.

External Member empanelment

  • Guidance on Compliance of the provisions under the Act
  • Audits for PoSH compliance

Policy Drafting and Review

  • Drafting of policies
  • Reviewing the Policy

Complaint Handling

  • Case Management
  • Incident Management

Workshops and Training of Employees

  • Equipping the IC members for their performances
  • Clinics to ameliorate the IC members skills
  • Realization sessions for employees for a safe workplace

Client Reviews

Our Clients

Reliance Retail Ltd

 AEON Credit Service India Private Limited

 APL Logistics (India) Pvt Ltd

 CMS Infosystems

 Doka India Pvt. Ltd.

 Millennium Aero Dynamics Pvt. Ltd

 Microscan Infocommtech Private Limited

 Brueckner Group India Private Limited

 APL Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

 Vascor Automotive Pvt. Ltd.

 Intellimation Market Services Ltd.

 Sula Vineyards Ltd.

 Vantage International Management Company 

 Coastal Marine Construction & Engineering Limited (COMACOE)

Grab a Grub Services Ltd.

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