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LexiPoSH implements best practices to protect corporate ethics empowers the employees and keeps them informed. It protects the organization from reputational damage and possesses expertise in case management and incident management.

External Member Empanelment

1. Appointment of External Member

The Act mandates an external member on the constitution of an Internal Complaint Committee (IC). LexiPoSH provides an experienced lawyer specialized in this domain of work, who possesses in-depth knowledge about the Act, and understands the organization’s structure, privacy policies, and its requirements.

2. Guidance on Compliance of the provisions under the Act

LexiPoSH extends support in fulfilling the compliances under the Act. It ensures the trust of all stakeholders of the organization and upheld corporate ethics.

3. Audits for PoSH compliance

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Policy Drafting and Review

1. Drafting of Policy

The perfect blend of the organization’s culture and its amalgamation with the provisions of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (Prevention, Prohibition, Redressal) Act, 2013 is where our expertise lies. Drafting policies in alignment with them is always our motto.

2. Reviewing the Policy

It is a best practice to keep the policy in consonance with the prevalent environment, situation and times. LexiPoSH fulfills this requirement, it reviews policy from time to time and ensures a secured work environment.

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Complaint Handling

1. Case Management

LexiPoSH assesses the client’s needs in conducting inquiries. It handles the case sensitively aligning the legal framework, the organizational policies, and the psyche of the complaint/respondent.

2. Incident Management

LexiPoSH assists the organization in the detection of the problem, its assessment, and countermeasures taken to avoid such precarious situations in the future.

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Workshops and Training of Employees

1. Equipping the IC members for their performances

The Internal Committee members impaneled are to be equipped with the knowledge of the law, policy, their roles, and task. LexiPoSH conducts workshops to upskill the IC members and keep them abreast with the latest changes in regulations.

2. Clinics to ameliorate the IC members skills

LexiPoSH conducts workshops to enhance the existing knowledge of IC members, and keep them informed about the law and the industry best practices. It keeps them prepared to handle any situation of sexual harassment efficiently.

3. Realization sessions for employees for a safe workplace

Zero tolerance and a safe environment are the mission of each organization. LexiPoSH conducts awareness sessions to keep the employees informed about the prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace and assists the organization to achieve its mission.

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