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I was delegated the post of Presiding Officer of the Internal Complaints Committee, (as mandated by the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare under the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act), a few years ago without being fully conversant with the scope or the responsibility that came with the same, untill suddenly faced with a situation on a complaint from a female colleague the following year.

Advocate Ms Medha Shetye was very professional in not only getting us familiar with the Act, understanding the term ‘sexual harassment” and proceedures required to be followed as a committee, but also in making us understand our responsibilities in deliberating and arriving at well thought out conclusions and recommendations regarding the case at hand.

Given the time constraints we were faced with, and the complexity of the case, it would not have been possible for us to collectively compile a fair and conclusive report without the comprehensive training session effectively conducted and guided through by Ms. Shetye.