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We at the Coastal Marine Construction & Engineering Ltd., deeply appreciate the efforts taken by Dr. Medha Shetye to demystify PoSH for COMACOE. This has been experienced in a number of the services offered by LexiPoSH, whether it be empanelment as an external member of our IC, or in the conduct of an inquiry under the Act and even in the several training sessions for the IC members and our employees during the various awareness drives and programmes conducted by her.

Her in-depth knowledge about the subject makes us rest easy that inquiries, if any would be conducted in a dignified and appropriate manner following the provisions of the Law on PoSH, adhering to the principles of natural justice and the CPC.

The case studies used by her to explain the various aspects of the law, decode the legislation in a simple, easy to understand, lucid manner which increase our awareness and competence to discharge our duties as IC members. Lexi PoSH ensures complete compliance.

The IC workshops conducted are informative, comprehensive, easy to understand, engaging and very well organized. It had a conversational tone and had the active participation of the audience. The live experiences shared made the concept relatable to work life situation and enabled the achievement of the set objectives of each session.