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We are content with the services provided by LexiPoSH. We appreciate the efforts taken by Dr. Medha Shetye to demystify the law on PoSH. This has been experienced in all of the services offered by them, whether empanelment as an external member or a training session conducted for the IC members or employees. The simple methods used to explain the aspects of law or decode the legislation has made us more dynamic, competitive to discharge our duties as IC members. LexiPoSH ensures complete compliance, her in depth knowledge about the subject makes us rest assured that inquiries faced if any, would be conducted in the right manner following the provisions of the Law on PoSH and adhering to the principles of natural justice. LexiPoSH ensures complete compliance.
We are grateful to have Dr.Medha Shetye as an external member in our internal committee as she ensures complete compliance and takes care that our corporate ethics of the safe work environment are met with.

Priyanka Varma – Company Secretary (iMarkServ).