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Zero tolerance is a word found incorporated in each organization’s policy. The question is, How do we achieve it?

What is the real challenge in achieving it? The general thinking is if we are compliant & adhere thoroughly to the provisions of The Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act 2013. we can achieve it.

Is it so, a thought to ponder on? Is compliance the sole parameter for evaluating the achievement of the goal? Why do statistics reflect a higher number of complaints as compared to earlier years? The pandemic has further worsened the situation.

Legislations are there to discipline us. If we have to achieve the object of the legislation, we need to change the way of thinking of the workforce.

1.   Respect individuals, not the gender.

2.   Empower all to speak against abuse.

3.   Build empathy in the workforce.

4.   Be there for each other.

Should be the mantras to be imbibed in every person in the organization 

I think if organizations work towards this agenda, the object of zero tolerance shall be achieved. Let us begin to think beyond legislation & try to achieve a harmonious workplace for all. 

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